The Cure For Boredom

Lately, I have noticed that children are bored. They are discontented, uncomfortable with free time and unsure what to do with Saturdays that are not filled with sports, Sundays without church and school days without the classroom. A life with no vacations, no parties and no pools has these young ones perplexed. These children do not live in my home.

The Riney boys have never made boredom’s acquaintance, and for that I am equally grateful and exhausted. People have often commented about how “busy” they are. Yeah, thanks. This week I decided to follow the boys around, so I, too, could be privy to the goings on of their minds and the activities that fill their days. If your children come to you saying they are bored, here are some options for them:

  • Play NASA by using the seesaw to “launch” your little brother.
  • Play doctor’s office. Pretend you can only talk in zipper sounds, you burp shoes and your dog used to be a human before she was cursed.
  • Play “The Rolling Game” in which you take turns rolling down the bed, trying to knock the youngest child to the floor.
  • Cuddle the dog. Kiss her before you lick her, because licking her before kissing her would be ridiculous and gross. Obviously.
  • Play flu clinic. Give your brothers flu tests by sticking Q-tips up their noses.
  • Clean your room. Wait until it’s past bedtime. Pretend you are a cat and spend a full hour carrying each individual toy in your mouth to the toy bin. Meow.
  • Bark “Jingle Bells.”
  • Wash the car. Use a mop. Drag the mop through the mud each time you bring it to the ground. Put it back on the car. Curse the mystery dirt.
  • Remove brick from the fireplace. (There are clearly too many.)
  • Watch Bob Ross make “happy, little trees.”
  • Put away laundry in your dresser. Insist that you only be given the exact same amount of shirts and shorts. Stuff all nonessential articles of clothing under your bed.
  • Use fabric from Mom’s curtains to make a flag for the tree fort.
  • Practice making Chewbacca noises by gargling with water.
  • Try to flush an entire roll of toilet paper. Watch the bathroom flood. Run around the house while singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”
  • Watch “Mary Poppins.” Convince your brother that if he believes in himself, he can jump into the painting in the living room.
  • Stare at clouds, read in the tree fort, sleep in, watch cartoons and just enjoy these yummy, slow days.







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