Pretty Things: 10 Summer Candles Moms Swear By

You’re trapped spending a lot of quality time in the house with your children these days, and that kind of family closeness doesn’t always keep the living room smelling fresh. Enter candles with bright, crisp smells that cut right through the dirt, sweat, snail, Go-Gurt, chlorine, banana love fog that has a stranglehold on your home.

Here are 10 tried-and-true summer candles that get the job done:

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 2.23.53 PM
1. NEST “Bamboo” (white florals, green notes, citrus)


2. Tyler Candles “Diva” (fruits, florals, chocolate, amber)

3. White Rock Soap Gallery “Lemon Verbena” (a bright, citrus scent with notes of lemon and crushed verbena with undertones of vanilla, bergamot, violet and musk)


4. NEST “Grapefruit” (pink pomelo grapefruit, green notes, lily of the valley, coriander blossom)

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 8.52.42 AM
5. Voluspa “Prosecco Bellini” (peaches, apricots, sugar, prosecco)

signature-volcano-candle-CB-503-VOL6. Capri BLUE “Volcano” (exotic citrus, sugar, tropical notes)

Red Currant and Lemongrass7. Candles by Camie “The Hagler,” a blend of red currant (tart red currants, citrus notes, undertones of vanilla and raspberry) and lemongrass (uplifting and refreshing fragrance)

8. LAFCO “Marine” (marine notes, bergamot, vetiver, water lily, sea jasmine, rose)

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 2.21.20 PM
9. TOCCA “Florence” (bergamot, pear, gardenia)

10. Tyler Candles “French Market” (florals, gardenia, tuberose)

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