A Pet’s Ode to Coronavirus

For years at the back of the door I did stare,

enduring the taunting glare of the sun while going nowhere.

Then you came along, and my people came home!

I stashed away my readers and closed my tome.

I am FREE, a wild beast of the outdoors once again;

We walk and eat all day, and then it begins again!

The humans say you’re frightening, but to me you’re quite alright;

Is it possible, after all these years, why they’ve finally seen the light?

The children leave full sandwiches out for me to enjoy,

as well as crayons, fruit snacks, stuffed animals and the occasional plastic toy.

I ponder my sudden luck as I savor each hors d’oeuvre;

It’s about time that I finally receive the treatment I deserve.

Now, excuse me, I must resume my morning cuddle in the warmth of the sun.

While you’re hoping this will be over, I’m hoping it has just begun.